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Discover The Benefits Of Body Oil and Learn Proper Application Techniques.

Are you seeking softer, more luminous skin? Body oil could be your go-to choice for daily self-care. It has numerous anti-ageing benefits and can ensure your skin feels pliant and looks healthy. Want to know more about body oil, how to use it, and why it should be a part of your skincare routine? Learn why body oil is our top pick for long-term skin health!

Body oil is a skincare product crafted with natural oils to nourish, shield, and hydrate the skin. Lightweight body oils are designed to quickly penetrate the skin, leaving all skin types feeling soft, supple, and moisturized. When used alone or on top of body lotion, body oil can give the skin a healthy, luminous sheen.

Body Oil vs Body Lotion

The primary distinction between body oil and body lotion is that body oil is mainly made of skin-nurturing oils, whereas body lotion may include up to 80% water.

You are enriching your skin with botanical oils that contain ample amounts of fatty acids like omega-3, 6, and 9, oleic and linoleic acids. These fatty acids are essential in safeguarding your skin from premature ageing and strengthening the skin barrier.

Conversely, body lotions are usually composed mainly of humectants, which attract moisture to the skin. While these are useful for developing a strong skin barrier, they don't tend to contain high concentrations of fatty acids and nutrition like body oils, which produce more lasting effects.

Body lotion evaporates more rapidly than body oil, yet body oil offers instant gratification and long-term benefits with ongoing hydration. Applied after showering, it seals in essential moisture for maximum effectiveness!

What unique benefits does body oil provide?

Are you gaining insight into the distinction between oils and lotions? Now let's explore the advantages of body oil and its numerous applications! 

Offer intense hydration that lasts - One of body oil's most evident, quickest benefits is its profound moisturizing effect. Our Inner Goddess Body Oil, which uses natural botanicals and emollients, is designed to provide intense hydration. This oil's vitamins, minerals and fatty acids help bring dehydrated skin back to life and improve suppleness, especially if used regularly.

Lock-in Moisture - Body oil is incredibly effective at locking in moisture and sealing in hydration. After a shower or bath, apply body oil to keep skin moisturized and further boost the moisturizing effects of body lotion.

Nourish & Shield With Antioxidants - Many botanical oils infused with body oils boast potent antioxidants that revitalize the skin and guard against free radical harm. Vitamins A, C, and E frequently accompany these oils to magnify their benefits, improving collagen production and diminishing early signs of ageing.

Pamper your skin with ultrasoft and silky smoothness - Botanical oils mimic the natural lipids found in our skin, filling in gaps between cells to soften and smooth the surface. They also lock in moisture quickly and long-term, relieving dryness, flaking, and patchiness.

Gain insight into the usage of body oil with ease!

Directly apply body oil after showering for a luminous, hydrated complexion! Warm up a few drops in your hands and massage into damp skin for the ultimate nourishment. Reveal soft, glowing skin - without the greasy feel!

That said, there's no wrong way to use body oil. Uncover more ways to incorporate it into your daily regimen for incredible rewards.

  • If you want to streamline your routine, applying body oil in the shower is the perfect time saver. Counteract the drying effects of cleansing and warm water - but be mindful not to over-apply, as the oil can make the floor slippery.
  • Before showering, use body oil to help protect dry skin or deal with other issues. This will shield against the warm water, preserving the skin's natural hydration.
  • Apply body oil pre-shaving to protect skin from razor burn for a softer, closer shave!
  • Drawing on the finest plant oils, the aroma of our body oils is beguiling. Slip a few drops into your tub for a splendid scent and long-lasting hydration.
  • Infuse your body lotion with a few drops of body oil for an enhanced moisturizing experience that leaves your skin glowing with health.
  • Give extra dry areas special attention with a few drops of massage body oil. Dry elbows, knees, heels, and cuticles will drink in the deeply hydrating benefits of body oil. You'll see results straight away that will only get better with regular use.

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