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Wonder if USB Candle Lighters are Worth It?

This electric device puts a whole new spin on lighting your favourite candle! It's safer to use a rechargeable device that emits a beautiful electric arc with just one touch. The windproof, splash-proof device is also environmentally friendly. Will matches and lighters soon be obsolete? Let's explore the possibilities!

How Do USB Lighters Work?

Firstly, let's cover how these devices work. Thanks to Tesla coil-derived technology, USB lighters provide the convenience of lighting candles without any flame or fuel. These devices create an electric arc between two electrodes, producing enough heat to light a candle wick. Compared to traditional lighters, the heat generated is hotter and more concentrated.

When the power button is pressed, the battery power of an electric lighter ionizes the surrounding air between two electrodes, and electrons can travel between them to form an electric arc. This plasma is the source of ignition for candle wicks. Additionally, the lighters are rechargeable by USB and can last much longer than regular butane lighters or thousands of matches.

Is a USB Lighter Safe?

Questioning safety is a fair concern regarding these items, which generate heat hotter than a candle flame and an electric arc. Thinking about any other heat source can be helpful, too- lighters can burn and cause harm if not handled carefully, as can matches. But, the USB candle lighters come with a safety feature to avoid unexpected consequences, and, as for the arc itself, touching it won't be enough- you'd need to insert a metal piece between the nodes to get shocked.

If you touch a flame to your skin, you will burn. But with the arc lighters, the arc is so tiny, and the long handle keeps you at a safe distance when lighting a candle. You won't burn yourself as you would with a butane lighter! These are wind and splash-proof, making them safer than regular long-handle lighters. So, if you want to be safe using lighters, these are a great choice.

What if my electric candle lighter comes in contact with me? 

Though direct contact with the arc of the electric lighter can cause stovetop-like burns, the safety mechanisms and proper use make it almost impossible to touch the angle accidentally. With just a few millimetres between the electrodes, this robust lighter is incredibly compact yet highly effective.

Benefits of a USB lighter

Researching these lighters revealed impressive benefits--long-lasting Li-ion battery, no waste from disposable lighters, windproof arc, cost savings, no smelly fuel, long handle and bendable neck for hard-to-reach candles, easy-to-charge USB. Maximize your candlelighting experience!

Our Electric USB Lighter eliminates the worry of burnt fingers and empty fluid. Charge with any USB port and quickly light all your favourite candles. This slender and stylish black lighter comes packaged in a sleek black box - perfect for storage. The flameless igniting spark, created with arc plasma technology, won't be extinguished by any air movements, so you can confidently use it inside and out.

Secure your Electric USB Lighter & a variety of Soy Candles now!

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