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We love how our Skye Candle and Body Care candles, melts and tea lights have the power to change the ambience of a room. Beautifully scented, homemade and handcrafted. Our products are clean, gentle and long-lasting. We hope you love them as much as we do.

Do you have sample soy tea light candles that I can try, before purchasing the full size?

Yes, we do. You can select our sample packs to try all our scented soy tea lights. It’s the perfect choice if you’re uncertain about a scent or would like to see the quality of our products before purchasing a full size. You can also try our aromatherapy scented soy tea light sample packs, too. We know you’ll love them as much as we do.

What are the burning times for the soy tea light candles?

With proper candle care, each of these soy tea lights has a burn time of up to 4.5 hours per tea light (that’s 27 hours of burn time in each 6 pack.)

Where are these soy tea lights made?

All Skye Candle and Body Care products are homemade and handcrafted in a city we chose to call home – Wellington, New Zealand.

How do your scented soy tea light candles smell so amazing?

Each of our tea lights is lovingly hand-poured for high quality and long-lasting scent. We only use 100% natural soy wax (no nasties around here) and premium fragrances to make our beautifully scented soy tea lights. Soy wax holds aromas well, and due to the low melting point of the wax, the fragrance oils are released slowly to live up to their full aromatic potential.

What kind of fragrances do you use in your soy tea light candles?

We use both synthetic fragrances and essential oil blends to create our soy candles and melts. These fragrances are free from phthalates and paraffins and are non-toxic. Our fragrances are highly purified, safe and made from premium quality ingredients.

What type of wax do you use in your soy tea lights?

We only use 100% natural soy wax (no nasties around here) to make our soy tea lights. Soy wax is a plant-based wax which is non-carcinogenic, and non-toxic. Soy tea lights are more economical, as they burn 50% longer than candles made of paraffin waxes. Soy tea lights produce little or no soot at all, so they are gentle for those who have breathing issues and allergies.

Are your soy tea lights Paraben and Phthalate free?

Our tea lights are made of soy wax which is GMO-FREE, contains NO paraffin and NO unnatural additives. Soy waxes are biodegradable, renewable and environmentally safe. Many candles today are paraffin based. Petroleum products in candles can cause a smokiness that can build up over time on ceilings. Paraffin is one of the last by products of petroleum extraction. Some of the soot given off by paraffin candles is the same as burning diesel fuel. There are documented concerns about the health issues this may have.

What are soy tea lights candles used for?

Unscented soy tea light candles can be used as a food warmer for fondue, for heating scented oils or creating ambience in your home. Scented soy tea light candles can be set afloat on the water for decoration, used to create a feeling in your home or dressed on your dining table to impress your guests. Soy tea light candles are the perfect accessory for your bedroom, office and bathroom.

Are the soy tea light cups recyclable?

Yes. Our clear plastic tea light cups are recyclable and are made with Underwriters Laboratories flame retardant plastic. The clear cups produce an impressive level of brightness and a warmer light. The temperature-resistant plas­tic has significantly lower heat dissipation – an essential safety fea­ture as aluminium cups can become extremely and dangerously hot.

Do your soy tea light candles float?

Yes, they do. All flat tea lights will float on the surface of water. You can add fragrant flowers to the water for an extra dose of relaxation or energy.

Do you need to use a tea light holder?

Because of their small sizes, using a tea light holder will provide a safe burning environment. Tea light holders come in different shapes and sizes. Or, for the creatives out there you can place the tea lights inside a mason jar, recyclable candle jars or use wax warmers as a candle holder.

Why do the soy tea lights start to change colour?

It’s not uncommon for a soy tea light to change colour. The surface might look a bit dry or flaky if the tea light hasn’t been burnt for a while. This is because soy wax is a natural product. When you relight the tea light the surface will return to normal.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Never leave a tea light burning unattended, or within reach of pets, or small children or near drafts. Soy tea lights will be hot after burning, so allow the wax to cool completely before handling. Never leave the tea lights on top of a plastic surface, even when using a candle holder.

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