Soy Candle Collection

The beautifully scented soy candle collection from Skye Candle and Body Care is homemade and handcrafted in Wellington, New Zealand.

Made from natural soy wax (no nasties around here), an eco-wick, scented with long-lasting premium fragrance oils and has a burn time of up to 80 hours.

Happiness is… lighting new candles. We pride ourselves on handcrafting a bespoke range of affordable soy candles that you can enjoy in your space, because “I’ve got too many candles, said no one ever.” (author unknown.)

Not sure what scent to buy? All our scented soy candles can be purchased as samples in tea light size.

Do you have any questions about our soy candle collection? You can read our full list of soy candle FAQs’ here or contact us at any time. We love hearing from you.