Giving Back To The Community

At Skye Candle and Body Care, our hearts are big. We like to give back to our community wherever possible. As well as supporting many charities, there are lots of fantastic community initiatives we are proud to include in our giving back to the community programme.

Trees That Count 

We are proud to help contribute to a brighter future by supporting Trees That Count. With a goal of funding 100 trees per year, we use $1 from every order to put towards funding a tree. When $10 is reached, one tree can be funded! 

Total Tree Funded So Far - 334


Reuse and Recycle Programme

Being eco-friendly has always been an important focus for us. We’re thrilled to be able to offer an incentivised recycling programme designed to encourage the reusing of packaging materials and increase the quantity of recycling both we and our customers do.



Are you a New Zealand school, club, sports team or community group looking for a unique fundraising idea? For four weeks, 15% from every product sold via our website is gifted directly to your fundraiser when a unique code is entered at the time of purchase