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Soap Holders

Soap Holders

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Recycled Plastic Soap Holders 

Good for the Environment – Great for Your Soap! 

Our durable and wall mounted soap holders are available in white and blue and are made using recycled plastics. Measuring 11cm by 9cm by 7.8cm, they are perfectly sized to hold a regular bar of soap, as well as shampoo or conditioner bars. They’ll also hold our loofah soaps too.

You can say goodbye to mushy soaps, as our wall mounted soap holder allows water to dry and the soap to dry between uses. This saves you money by helping your soaps to last longer, instead of being washed down the drain unnecessarily.

Using our soap holder also helps you reduce your impact upon our environment in two ways. Firstly, being made with recycled plastics, its manufacture process does not require any additional resources. Secondly, it makes the need for plastic bottles for liquid soaps, shampoos and conditioners unnecessary, as a soap bar can be used instead.

Why Buy Our Soap Holders? 

Here at Skye Candle and Body Care, it comes as no surprise that we are passionate about the environment. Our Reuse and Recycle Programme is one example, and we even take this commitment to our products too.

Our soap holders help us to help you make a positive impact upon not only the environment, but your wallet too. Reducing the use of plastic bottles and increasing the lifespan of soap bars are two of the key advantages our soap holders provide.

Order your soap holder today, together with our natural shampoo and conditioner bars too.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
The perfect soap holder

This is what you need to store your shampoo bars and soaps. Trendy looking too.

Gail Lambess
modern and sleek

wow finally i soap dish that works and looks great

will buy more for friends these are so cool.

Andrew Llewellyn
Soap holder

It is part of a Christmas present and hasnt been used yet. It arrived quickly though

Kim Bennani
It's great thanks.

👍 👌 👍

Grace Brown
Soap holder review

This product is just amazing, the sticker actually sticks to the wall and it does the perfect job of keeping soap up and off the bath. Would defiantly recommend