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Managing Anxiety Using Self Care

Anxiety is something most of us have, yet managing anxiety is not something many of us are good at doing. It is the same with self-care, which is something else that is lacking. Being strong believers in self-care and knowing of the positive benefits it offers towards managing anxiety, we’ve put together a collection of ideas that you could try both at home and work.

6 Ways of Managing Anxiety 

Anxiety impacts heavily upon our bodies: fast heart rate, difficulty concentrating and sleeping, headaches, feeling restless and worried are just some of the signs and symptoms. Here are six ways that you can help manage your anxiety:

  1. Focused breathing

Deep, slow and focused breathing can help slow your heart rate and your mind. Some recommend breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth, while others enjoy counting their breathing in groups of four for five minutes.

  1. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has been used for centuries for a variety of purposes, including relaxation. Using a diffuser containing essential oils is a popular aromatherapy option, but its not always practical. An aromatherapy roll on is a better option, with many of our customers sharing that they have found it beneficial to use.

  1. Exercise

Physical activity not only helps our bodies to stay healthy, but also helps our mental health too. The release of endorphins when exercising helps us feel good, and together with physical activity can help reduce our anxiety.

  1. Socialising

Being around and interacting with others is another way of managing anxiety. Whether it is hanging out with a group of friends or talking with a trusted friend, simply being with others and knowing you are not alone can be a successful strategy.

  1. Keep a journal

Keeping a journal can help you to identify the triggers and patterns for your anxiety, as well to ‘get things out of your head.’ A journal can also give you something to look back upon and celebrate your accomplishments!

  1. Meditation

Meditating can help you to clear your mind and be present in the moment. Take time each day to focus on your breathing, how your body is feeling, accepting the thoughts that come and go in your mind without judgement.

Our aromatherapy roll on and Calming Balm is a great way to help with anxiety wherever you are. Keep one in your bag or purse, in your office drawer and even by your bed for some on the spot self-care.

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