Aromatherapy Roll On


100% Natural Aromatherapy Roll On

You can enjoy the convenience of being able to use your aromatherapy blends wherever and whenever you like with our 10ml Aromatherapy Roll On. Available in five beautiful blends, each has been thoughtfully blended to provide you with the support you need:

  • Breathe Easy – Frankincense + Lime + Peppermint Eucalyptus
  • Calming – Bergamot + Lavender
  • Inner Peace – Ylang Ylang + Eucalyptus + Lime
  • Stress-Free Environment – Lavender + Geranium Rose + Lemon Eucalyptus + Bergamot
  • Sleep Easy – Lavender + Frankincense + Cedarwood + Bergamot

Ingredients: Fractioned Coconut Oils, 100% Premium Essential Oils

Size: 10ml

Why Choose Our Aromatherapy Roll On? 

We take pride in selecting and using only the finest 100% natural ingredients for all our products, including our Aromatherapy Roll On. Designed to be applied to your pulse points like a perfume, the roll on bottle with lid is suitable for carrying in makeup bags, backpacks and purses.

Many customers have shared with us that they have found our aromatherapy collection beneficial to use, helping support them through anxiety, stress and grief. Others mentioned that they helped to improve their mental focus, aided sleep and helped them to relax.

Note: This product is intended for external use only. We recommend patch-testing a small amount on your wrist before first use. While we only use fractionated coconut oil and 100% Premium Essential Oils, some people have more sensitive skin than others.

To use: Roll on to your pulse points like a perfume and breathe in your blend. Your pulse points can be found on the side of your neck, top of your chest, inner elbow, wrist, bend of the knee and the side of your ankles.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Trina E.
Stress-Free - great scent!

Such a lovely calming scent! I keep it in my work bag for stressful days, and I also used it to help me through an important test! Highly recommended :)

Great value

I bought the "stress-free environment" as I am a teacher and things can get overwhelming in the classroom. My roller ball arrived today, so I have yet to try it out at work. Shipping was very quick and neatly packaged. Very happy that I received a free sample of a hand cream too! I found the Lemon Eucalyptus in the roller ball a bit overpowering so I added a bit of lavender oil and now I like the smell a lot better. I love the roller ball, as it can be used again and again!

Sarita Matthews

My daughter has autism adhd and panic disorder and this works amazing for her no more medications this is exactly what she needed thank you

Catherine L
Great product

I really love this roll on, it smells Devine and really works

Keriie Mather

This roll on smells amazing! Roll it on your pulse points and inhale deeply!