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Microfiber Makeup Removal Pads

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makeup removal pad
make up removal pad
make up removing pad
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It’s Puff Poof time! Our reusable microfibre makeup removal pads are designed to remove makeup quickly and easily with only water. Or you can pair your pads with a cleansing oil or cleansing lotion for even cleaner and softer skin. Designed to be reused up to 200 times, our microfibre makeup removal pads are an eco-friendly alternative to disposable and chemical-laden facial wipes.

Measuring a generous 12cm diameter and available in teal, beige and white. Machine washable, these pads are suitable for either hand or machine washing. Simply place inside a mesh laundry bag, and wash in a warm wash with a gentle detergent. Leave to dry naturally in a warm place, hot water cupboard or outside on the clothesline.

Why Choose Microfibre Makeup Removal Pads? 

Microfibre has many wonderful characteristics which make it an ideal fabric choice for our Puff Poofs. Being extremely strong and durable, each individual microfibre strand removes makeup and other impurities without any scrubbing. Effective used with water alone, we recommend using your favourite cleansing oil or cleansing lotion in tandem with your Puff Poof.

Suitable for sensitive skin, each Puff Poof is:

💚 Machine washable
💚 Cost-efficient
💚 Reusable
💚 Quick-drying
💚 Hypoallergenic

Experience for yourself the benefits of using a Puff Poof as part of your daily skincare routine – order your microfibre makeup removal pads today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Eye make up remover - supreme!

I've previously always used eye make remover, but after using these I have ditched the eye make remover and now only use the microfibre pads, so gentle and effective.

Julia Marshall
Very surprised

I’ll be honest - I got given these and thought “what’s the difference between this and just using a flannel?” But first time using one and I could see easily! Wow. Removed all my mascara with just a bit of warm water. Amazing. No more expensive eye make up remover!


I love the reusable makeup pads, they are so easy to use and are
soft on your skin.
Will definitely buy again.

Little beauties!

These are wonderful!
They are soft and work perfectly to remove makeup and really clean your face.
A real pleasure to use and they’ll last along time too.
Value for money, I’ll definitely be purchasing these again.

Won't use anything else to take my make up off from now on!

I LOVE this product, and it's amazing value for money! This is so easy to take make up off, including waterproof mascara. I just squirt some Micellar water onto the teal side and dab around to remove my makeup, then run under water to get rid of the excess makeup there, add some cleanser onto the suuuper soft white puffy side and move around to make sure my face is 100% clean! Makes taking makeup off less of a chore :')

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