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Shampoo Bar

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best shampoo bar nz
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Healthy Hair in a bar

Our Skye Candle and Body Care Shampoo Bar is made with soothing natural conditioning ingredients, which produce a luxurious lather just like regular shampoos. Regular use of our hair care products will help to keep your hair, and more importantly, your scalp - in excellent condition.

Soap-style shampoo bars are more luxurious – and popular - than ever

Free from SLS, preservatives and plastic packaging, they last up to three months. The healthy hair bar is a blend of nourishing oils including jojoba oil, argan oil and wheat germ oil, plus cocoa butter, while the uplifting, pep-in-your-step scent and cleansing power come from essential oils of lavender, cedarwood and rosemary

Eco and travel-friendly

These clever little bars are also more versatile than you might expect. You can control the amount of surfactant you use, so if you want something cleansing, you use more of the shampoo bar and if you want something milder you use less

This solid formula, free from synthetic agents and with very little water, is an entirely new experience for your hair so it'll take some getting used to

The adjustment period varies between users, but once your hair has adapted to this new formula, it's easy to fall in love!

For best results, follow with our Hair Conditioner Bar


How To Use Shampoo and Conditioner Bar?

    Either rub straight on from root to tip a few times or lather up between your hands first, then massage shampoo into the scalp and through the lengths

    Don’t expect the kind of suds you get from regular shampoo though, as anyone who’s used an SLS-free liquid version will know.

    You’ll need to rinse thoroughly too to avoid any soapy residue being left behind.

    It takes time for hair (and new users) to adjust, so be patient while traces of built-up styling products and ingredients like silicone are banished!

    BTMS-25, Steric Acid, Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol, Polawax, Jojoba Oil, Natural Wheatgerm Oil, Argan Oil, Refined Cocoa Butter, Sodium Cocoyl Isenthionate, Sodium Coco Sulfate, Essential Oils (Rosemary, Cedarwood, Lavender)


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Gail Lambess

love this bar its great for traveling the perfume is divine and my hair looks so good. it wont bubble up like other shampoos but i massage onto my scalp. its fantastic

Rachelle Pine
Goodness in a bar!

Bloody amazing! Used this twice and blown away at these little beauties. Was alittle skeptical about it at first as I didn’t have a head full of bubbles, but this is the best thing I’ve found in a loooong time. I recommend everyone try these

Trina E.

I’m on my second bar of this and I love it! I’ve even convinced hubby to have a go and he’s hooked too, I can’t imagine us going back to regular shampoo! No issues with transition away from shampoo, and the smell is so lovely 😍

Renee N.
Therapeutic and gentle

Amazing refreshing therapuetic scent (I couldn't stop enjoying the smell of them when I first opened the boxes). I got both the shampoo and conditioner bars to try after reading a review from a person who noticed less hair loss after using them - I've been searching for something to help with chronic hair loss (hoping it would help with soothing my sensitive scalp). I love how gentle the shampoo and conditioner are. My scalp hurts less and doesn't get so easily irritated/itchy, and my hair is a lot more tame (doesn't frizz/tangle so much) than when I use other shampoo/conditioner. Definitely recommend! (NB: It can take a little while to lather up, but it means less accidental wastage of product slipping away in the shower water).

Nicole McTaggart
Gorgeous size

Love my bars they are an easy manageable size and smell great

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