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Tips for Self-Care During Winter in NZ

Those colder months have arrived, making today a great time for us to share a few tips on self-care during winter. From looking after both your physical and emotional health, to caring for your body, these tips are certain to help you through the season.

7 Tips on Self-Care During Winter

The winter season here in New Zealand is often harsh and variable. With cold sunny days, wet and stormy weather, icy frosts and in some places snow, winter can play havoc with our wellbeing. To help keep you feeling and looking great during the colder months, here are seven self-care tips for you to follow:

  1. Enjoy ‘me’ time – find somewhere warm, sit down and enjoy a hot drink, such as from this infused tea recipe.Pause and give your mind and body the opportunity to relax and recharge.
  2. Look after your skin – wind and exposure to both heat and cold elements can really dry out our skin. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, and use a moisturiser as well as a high quality face oil, such as our Magic Face Oil. Dry and chapped lips are common, so give our lip balm recipe a go, or make our body butter recipe for something special to use after a bath or shower.
  3. Declutter a room, or your entire home – if you are inside for long periods of time, the walls can feel like they are closing in. By decluttering, you can make better use of your space as well as enhancing your mental wellbeing.
  4. Light a scented candle (or two!) – there’s nothing quite like enjoying the fragrance of a scented candle and the ambiance it provides. Our soy candles are 100% natural and we have many gorgeous fragrances to experience.
  5. Exercise regularly – our bodies still need regular exercise to function well. Make the most of any fine weather or try an indoor workout to one or more of the many online workouts available.
  6. Learn something new – whether you’ve been wanting to learn a new craft, a foreign language or how to bake red velvet cupcakes (send some our way!), winter is a great time to keep your mind busy and raise your spirits.
  7. Keep a gratitude journal – jot down a few sentences each day about one thing that you appreciate and are grateful for. In fact, our Goal Digger Journal is perfect for this!

Don’t be limited by only trying our seven tips for self-care during winter – these are just the beginning when it comes to ways you can look after your mind, body and spirit. Do you have any favourite tips to share with us? Drop us a comment below so we can share them with others so they may enjoy them too

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