Face Masque Brush


Take your skincare and self-pampering to new levels with our divine Face Masque Brush! Easy to keep clean and oh so soft against your skin, it is certain to become one of your most favourite makeup tools!

Why Use a Face Masque Brush?

Face masques are best applied with a soft-bristle brush. Applying your face masque with a brush reduces the likelihood of dirt and bacteria being transferred upon your skin. It’s also easier to apply a masque with a brush than it is with your fingertips.

Additional benefits of using facial masque brush include:

  • Cut down on product waste
  • Masque doesn’t stick under your fingernails
  • Immediate relaxation instead of cleaning your hands and sink
  • Face masque brush evenly distributes mask over your pores.
  • It feels undeniably luxurious.

After smoothing a masque on with a soft brush, you’ll feel pampered, soothed, and refreshed before the masque even does its work.

Order your Face Mask Brush today, together with your choice of our Aloe Vera Gel Face Mask or Face Scrub and Clay Mask or Quartz Crystal Clay Mask!

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