Aloe Vera Gel Face Mask

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Despite the season, either winter or summer, our skin always need some extra dose of hydration. Thanks to its hydrating properties, aloe vera is an ideal formula to treat dryness and effective treatment for dry skins.

What is aloe vera?
Aloe vera or Aloe barbadensis is a succulent plant species which has been used for over 1000 years to treat skin injuries and also as beauty treatments.
Can you use aloe vera on your face?
Yes, all skin type people can use this face mask.
What are the benefits of Pink Grapefruit Essential oil for skin?
The smell of Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil has known their antibacterial and anti-ageing properties. It also increases the immunity of your skin against indoor and outdoor air pollution and inhibits UV ray-induced effects. Greasiness that is causing acne blemishes
What are aloe gel benefits for skin?
  • Hydrating properties of aloe vera gel helps to fights facial wrinkles
  • Antioxidant properties of it, prevent the formation of fine lines
  • Prevent and heal sunburns
  • Protect skin from free radicals damage
  • Improve the collagen level of the skin
  • Nourish and ageing skin
  • Improving skin elasticity
  • Prevent dehydration and promote healing

How many masks come in a jar?
Our jar comes in 30g. If you are using the mask twice a week with a face mask brush, one jar might last you up to 3 months.
How long will my product last?
Our mask will expire 12 months after opening, and using hands might reduce the lifespan of the product for up to 6 months.
How many times a week should I use a face mask?
Twice a week is a plenty 

Is the mask vegan?
Yes, our masks are vegan and cruelty-free.
Should you do face masks in the morning or night?
Preferably at night, or after you remove your makeups. Aloe vera gel keeps your skin hydrated during travels.
Should I apply toner before mask?
Using toner before applying face mask helps to prevent skin irritation and prevent premature ageing.
How do I recycle my packaging?

Remove the label and rinse your empty jar, and use it to keep your tiny belongings like earrings or beads. Alternatively, pop it in the recycle bin.

How to apply the mask properly?

Step 1: Exfoliate and cleanse your skin to unclog pores and also to allow your face mask to penetrate deeper
Step 2: Open up your pores by placing a warm cloth over your face for a few seconds or by taking a hot shower
Step 3: Apply your face mask with using a facial mask brush to avoid product wastage and to reduce the number of bacteria transferring from your hands to your skin.
Step 4: Set a timer to follow the recommended timings
Step 5: Close your pores by washing off your mask with cold water, to lock in the healing ingredients from your face mask
Step 6: Do not forget post mask routine to seal the benefits from the mask

Beauty Hacks :
Apply the Aloe Vera Gel mask as a hair mask and leave it for 15 minutes before rinsing it water. This step will add volume for your hair and reduce greasy hair. It also helps to cleanse the scalp. You can try this hacks with Natural Aloe Vera leaf as well.
What are the ingredients of the Aloe Vera Gel Mask?
Aqua (Water), Glycerin, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice Powder, Triethanolamine, Carbomer, Pink Grapefruit Essential Oils 

How to use an Aloe Vera Gel Mask?
Apply an even layer all over the face and neck. Allow to sit for 5 minutes, and wipe off with wet tissue or cloth. Rinse off with water if necessary