50 x Unscented Tea Lights

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Made from natural soy wax (no nasties around here) and unscented. With proper candle care, – has a burn time of up to 4.5 hours per tea light (that’s 225 hours of burn time in your 50 pack.)

Get a single box (6 in a box) of unscented tea lights HERE

Do you also have scented tea lights?
Yes, we do. We have a beautiful collection of scented tea lights and aromatherapy tea lights. We know you’ll love them

Happiness is… lighting new tea lights

We pride ourselves on handcrafting a bespoke range of affordable soy tea lights that you can enjoy in your space.

Do you have any questions about our soy tea light collection? You can read our soy tea light FAQ's here or contact us at any time. We love hearing from you. 

Customer Reviews

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I tend to use this with my wax burner to relax just before sleep in my night routine. Great bargain and no nasties!!!


These are now the only soy tea lights I burn during classes at my yoga studio- love that they are natural and safe for all my yogis! Thank you Kash, for responding to and sorting my delivery query so promptly, too! 😊

Unscented Soy Tea Lights

Great bargin I use these in my oil burner along with the wax melts, so happy they have no nasties.

Miriam J.

skye candle and body care is my go-to store for unscented soy tealight candles - i recently purchased a large box of them which was a great deal. thank you Kash for your wonderful, personal service... and quick delivery!