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Say YES to Kawakawa : Benefits and Uses

Kawakawa is a magnificent and versatile herb. Used in traditional Māori medicine, it is a small tree that reaches between three to six metres in height. Heart shaped leaves are usually dark green but can also be paler and have a yellow hue. It is found no higher than 200 metres above sea level, and usually along the coastal shores of the North Island. As well as people, the leaves of this tree are favoured by insects. When leaves are seen in the leaves, it is a great time to pick them because this is when they hold the greatest concentration of nutrients, as the plant is trying to stop the insect attacks.

There are so many great uses for kawakawa, with many people are use it daily. Come and discover some of the benefits and uses that kawakawa offers and how you can take advantage of them too.

Traditional & Modern Uses of Kawakawa

Early Māori recorded over 30 different uses for kawakawa of both medicinal and spiritual significance. The bark, leaves, roots and fruits of the tree are used in different ways and for different reasons, including:

  • Coughs, colds and rheumatic pains
  • Eczema, minor cuts and bruising
  • Kidney and boil issues
  • Antiseptic and pain numbing properties
  • Soothing digestive system
  • Healing cuts and abrasion
  • Detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Fungal issues and infections

Parts of the kawakawa tree are edible, though bitter in taste, and is often used in tea. Many skincare creams and balms also contain kawakawa, including our Kawakawa Balm, Mum and Baby Balm  and Aftershave Balm

Benefits of Our Native Kawakawa Tree

Whether used in a paste, in leaf form, as an oil or cream, kawakawa is a highly versatile plant! When used on your skin or taken as a tonic or tea, the benefits that kawakawa can provide include:

  • Relief from constipation and stomach ailments
  • Reduce symptoms of indigestion, bloating and cramping
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Soothing for skin conditions including eczema, dermatitis, rashes, and psoriasis
  • Support for the urinary system and bladder issues

Our Kawakawa Balm is ideal for many skin conditions, and available in both small and large jars, as well as a roll on, it is ideal for carrying it with you. Made here in NZ from 100% natural ingredients, it is available for purchase directly from our store, along with the rest of our bespoke skincare collection.

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