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Aromatherapy - How It Works And Why It Is Beneficial To Your Wellbeing

Aromatherapy oils are commonplace now in many homes all around the world, and while the first thing that comes to mind may be that they make our environment smell divine, the pure plant oils actually have many other uses. Best natural essential oils have been used by the human race as a method of holistic healing for thousands and thousands of years, and distillation of the pure plant oils can be attributed to the Persians, reaching as far back as the 10th century. Essential oils use is still common, and in fact, growing in popularity, and they are often used for physical, emotional, and psychological healing. One reason that the use of pure oils is a preferred option for many families is the fact that they are a great natural alternative to chemical-based products.
Two common ways in which essential oils are used is through smell and skin absorption. Pure oils can be added to water for use in a diffuser or can be used in the making of candles and wax melts. For topical application they can be blended with a carrier oil and applied directly to the skin, and, depending on the area of the body they are applied to, the benefits may be felt through absorption alone, or through absorption and smell.
So how do they actually work?
When best natural essential oils are dispersed into our environment, the aroma compounds are picked up by the olfactory receptors in the back of the nose. Messages are then sent to the limbic system in the brain, evoking an emotional, mental, or physiologic response. The limbic system is often referred to as the old, or primitive brain, and it plays a significant part in the control of emotions, mood, memory, and behaviour. This is apparent when you smell a familiar aroma - perhaps it's food cooking, your grandmother's perfume, or a baby shampoo you use for your children - and as soon as your brain registers the smell you are taken a right into a memory that relates directly to what you are smelling. For this very reason, aromatherapy can be an effective way of influencing how you are feeling both physically and emotionally, and this explains why they are a popular option for people who are looking for a natural way to support their emotional wellbeing.
Using candles or wax melts made with best natural essential oils, or using a diffuser are all common ways to disperse the essential oils aromatically. The other standard method in which people use essential oils is through absorption, by applying them topically to the skin. While our skin is a fantastic barrier between the outside world and our 'internal world', preventing any number of nasties from entering our bloodstream, essential oils are different. This is due to the fact that the molecular weight of these pure oils is so small that the oil molecules quickly pass through the epidermis (outer layer of the skin), then through the dermis, and into the bloodstream via the capillaries. Of course, when you apply the oil topically, you also inhale the aroma; therefore, you are getting benefits of both inhalation and absorption of the oil molecules. Common areas where people apply essential oil blends are on their pulse points, the bottom of the feet, over the heart or abdomen, at the temples, and behind the ear lobes. It can also be beneficial to simply apply the oil blend to the palm of your hands, and bring your hands up to your face and gently inhale the aroma.
When we are choosing and blending our aromatherapy oils, candles, and wax melts, we carefully select specific combinations to ensure the oil properties are going to provide the effect you are looking for. Regardless of the method, you use to disperse your oils, the influence they have over your mind and body is incredible. Whether you are looking to unwind, find some inner peace, re-energise yourself, or improve your concentration, we have no doubt that you will find the right blend in our selection. Some of our favourite oils to blend are peppermint, eucalyptus, lime, frankincense, lavender, ylang-ylang, cedarwood, and bergamot.
In our selection of candles, wax melts and best natural essential oils we offer blends that will help you to breathe easy, find balance and calm, find inner peace, create a stress-free environment and sleep easy.
If you have never tried aromatherapy before and are feeling a little sceptical, I urge you to keep an open mind and give it a go. While it doesn't seem like a simple smell or oil could have that much effect on how you are feeling, with regular use of best natural essential oils blends you may just be pleasantly surprised by how wonderful you are able to feel.

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