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6 Candle Care Tips


Keeping your soy candles looking great and smelling beautiful is easy, with a little candle care going a long way. We’ve put together a collection of six candle care tips to help you look after your candles.

6 Easy to Follow Candle Care Tips

Candle safety is the top priority when it comes to using and caring for your candles. Remember to keep out of reach of children, avoid placing it near a draught or next to something it could accidently ignite, and never leave a burning candle unattended.

Here are six easy to follow tips to help you enjoy your soy candles for longer:

  1. Keep your wick trimmed – ideally the wick should be at around 5mm before lit. This helps the candle to achieve a clean and even burn. Our wick trimmer is ideal for this.
  2. Focus on the initial burn – the first burn of your candle should be for around two to three hours. This helps to reduce the risk of tunnelling (when the candle centre melts, not the sides) and helps create a wax memory for future even burns.
  3. Keep the wax clean – remove any burnt pieces of wax or matchsticks from the wax pool. These can cause a candle to smoke, and you won’t be able to smell your favourite fragrance.
  4. Use a candle snuffer – blowing out your candle can lead to excess smoking of the wick, wax spilling and debris falling into the wax. Our candle snuffer helps to extinguish the candle by removing air from around the wick, reducing unwanted smoke.
  5. Avoid direct sunlight – scented candles and sunlight are not friends. Keep your soy candles away from direct sunlight to retain their fragrance and avoid discolouring of the wax.
  6. Use on a flat surface – to keep the candle burning evenly, ensure that it is placed upon a flat and sturdy surface such as a bench top or table. Using our candle care tray would help prevent any wax spilling onto your bench or table.

We are extremely proud of our range of hand poured soy wax candles. Beautifully scented, we are certain you’ll discover some new favourites to enjoy, and our tea light sized candles are perfect to use as samplers. Order online today for fast shipping NZ wide.

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