Soy Candle Making Kit

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Great project for all ages (supervision needed for children) and there are enough ingredients to create 2 medium size Soy Candle, each burns from 35 to 50 hours. Instructions are included.

Complete kit includes :

500g Soy Wax
2 x Medium size Metro jars with lid
2 x 10ml fragrance oil of your choice
2 x 150mm ECO Wicks
2 x Wick Holders
2 x Candle Labels
2 x Warning Stickers
2 x Wick Stickers

2 x Boxes to pack the candles

Instruction Sheet on how to make soy candles

** The actual design of the box might be different from the image

*** Additional Soy Waxes can be purchased from a separate listing ( Not Necessary for this kit) 

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