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Peppermint Essential Oil

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peppermint essential oil
100% Pure Premium Peppermint Essential Oils | NZ Aromatherapy
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Experience the Invigorating Power of Mentha Arvensis

Derived from Mentha Arvensis, known for its high content of l-menthol, this essential oil is widely utilized as a source material for producing l-menthol and other derivatives. The resulting essential oil, such as this conventional Mentha Arvensis Oil, is delivered in rectified (partially de-mentholated) form. Similar to Peppermint, its actions are invigorating and clearing, benefiting both the body and mind.

Benefits for the Skin

  • Clears Congestion: Mentha Arvensis oil helps clear congestion and heat, making it ideal for soothing itching, redness, and irritation of the skin or scalp. Use sparingly and well-diluted due to its potential skin irritant properties and profound cooling effect.

Benefits for the Body

  • Cooling Relief: Its cooling and relieving action is particularly beneficial for heat and congestion. Perfect for foot rubs, foot baths, and massage blends to alleviate sore muscles and joints after sports or prolonged standing. Also effective for neuralgia, bruising, and promoting overall relaxation.

Benefits for the Mind

  • Clears the Mind: Mentha Arvensis clears the head, refreshing during times of mental fatigue and promoting concentration and clear thinking. It fosters a cool, calm, and collected atmosphere, ideal for study or work environments.

Benefits for the Home

  • Antiseptic Cleaning: A favorite in household cleaning blends for its antiseptic qualities and fresh scent. Diffuse to clear and refresh the energy in a room, creating a revitalizing environment

Ingredients: 100% Pure Essential Oil (For External Use Only)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Maria Munoz
Awesome natural product

The best natural oil I have found in New Zealand, I am using the peppermint oil and I love it! Great product and also beautiful package! Thank you :)

Kajal Panchal
Great Product and great packaging

Thank you Kash for making it so special. I was delighted to receive my oils with so much thought and love. Already using the oils and love it!! Thank you.

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