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Lime Essential Oil

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lime essential oil nz
Best Selling Pure Lime Essential Oils | Body and Mind NZ
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Lime Essential Oil

Similar to Lemon but with a stronger aroma, Lime oil is a restorative tonic that cleanses and revitalizes your body and mind. It's activating without being overstimulating.

For the Skin

Lime oil offers astringent, antiseptic, and toning benefits for oily, congested, or acne-prone skin. It's also effective for treating boils, fungal infections, cold sores, and warts. Ideal for greasy hair and deodorant formulations.
(Note: Avoid sun exposure after applying to skin.)

For the Body

Lime oil stimulates digestion and supports natural detoxification by enhancing lymphatic circulation. It's popular in body toning blends for cellulite and fluid retention. Additionally, it has antimicrobial and immune-boosting properties, making it excellent for diffusing or inhaling during coughs and colds.

For the Mind

Lime oil refreshes and uplifts a dull or fatigued mind and spirit. It's helpful for gently activating when feeling fearful, apathetic, or unable to face the day.

For the Home

Diffuse Lime oil during cold and flu season to purify and refresh the air. It's also a fantastic addition to household cleaning blends and dishwashing liquids

Ingredients: 100% Pure Essential Oil (For External Use Only)

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Customer Reviews

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Great essential oil and love the smell in my diy dishwash liquid it's so refreshing.

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