Foot Butter


Ease away the tensions in your feet with our delightful Minty Foot Butter! Naturally high in Vitamins A, E and F, your feet will feel pampered and protected, not to mention softer! Handcrafted in New Zealand using only 100% natural ingredients, our Minty Foot Butter has rates highly as one of our favourite products amongst customers.

Fluffy and light to the touch, it’s packed with antioxidants and has a scrummy peppermint scent you’ll love. Once applied, it quickly absorbs into your skin without leaving any slippery residue.

How To Use Our Minty Foot Butter

For best results, apply topically to your feet after a warm bath or shower. Gently massage in to your skin and avoid putting anything on your feet or standing until it has been absorbed. Many of our customers apply our foot butter right before bed, letting the all-natural ingredients work their magic all night long. Bliss! 

Weight: 100g / Size: Packed in 250g container

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E, 100% Premium Essential Oil.

Shea butter creates a smooth barrier that seals the moisture. It has a high level of linoleic, oleic and stearic acids which helps to fight the effects of environmental toxins on your skin.

Coconut Oil has antibacterial and antifungal factors which makes it an excellent moisturiser.

Peppermint essential oil contributes a cooling sensation and has a comforting effect on the body, which can relieve sore muscles when used topically. It also contains antimicrobial properties, so it can help freshen your breath and soothe digestive issues. Emotionally helps with fatigue, exhaustion and burnout, memory, and concentration

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Rae Rowland
Feet heaven

Just so lovely. My feet feel smoother and refreshed. Look forward to more of your lovely products


Smells just like peppermint chocolate! Great feeling on my feet, all without the calories!


Lovely & soothing for my tired feet and very rejuvenating with very delicious fragrance!

Amazing and smells devine

This is a favourite of mine my feet absolutely loves it they feel nice and soft.

Jackie Procter
Amazing foot butter!

Not only does this smell amazing, it feels divine on my feet - and my feet love it too! Stunning scent and helps soften and moisturise my skin beautifully!