Bamboo Hair Brush

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Our Bamboo Hair Brush, an eco-friendly replacement to plastic combs and brushes, is ideal for all the family.

Made from 100% renewable and sustainable bamboo, each brush has a well-balanced bamboo handle and head which is lovely to hold. The rounded bamboo teeth are nestled within a natural rubber cushioning mat, giving you a smooth and silky feeling as they move through your hair.

Why Choose a Bamboo Hair Brush?

Besides containing harmful materials and a manufacturing process that is potentially environmentally damaging, plastic combs and hair brushes produce static electricity when used. A bamboo hair brush does not generate static the same, keeping your hair smoother and avoiding those annoying fly-aways.

The rounded bamboo tips of the brush teeth are spaced carefully to provide you with a great brushing experience. The cushioned rubber backing helps the teeth gently separate hair strands and stimulate your scalp to produce oils which help improve hair shine and health.

How About 20 to 30 Strokes?

By brushing your hair every night with around 20-30 strokes, you also can help improve scalp heath and reduce hair fall too.

At the end of your Bamboo Hair Brush’s life, we recommend breaking it into small pieces and placing it in your compost to decompose.

Order your eco-friendly hairbrush today, along with our gentle shampoo and conditioner bars, serum and Ayurveda Hair Mask

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brittany hall
Bamboo hairbrush

Love this hairbrush !
Love that it's environmental friendly and my hair loves it