Charities We Support

It’s an absolute pleasure to have been able to support many wonderful local and international charities. Being able to help bring joy to others is one of the many things we are grateful we’ve been able to do. The charities we currently support would also welcome your support, and we’d love it if you could help if you are able.

  • Trees That Count – our goal is to fund 500 NZ native trees per year, thanks to the support from our customers. $1 from every purchase will be set aside, and with every $10 we are able to fund one tree. We also fund one tree for each order on Black Friday, my age in trees on both my and Skye’s birthdays and the number of sales made on Earth Day. Take a look at how many trees we have been able to fund so far.


2021 Monthly Charities

January to December 2021 - Medecins Sans Frontières
October 2021 - Bellyful

2022 Monthly Charities

January 2022 - Parents Centre Aotearoa
                        - Brain Injury Association Northland

                        - Linden School ( 12 Packs of Stationaries)

February 2022 - UpsideDowns Education Trust