Stress Free Environment

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Fill the air with an amazing natural scent which helps with healing and definitely to enhance emotional wellness and bury unpleasant smells (like cigarette smoke, pet odours, and dirty laundry). Whether you want to unwind or feel re-energised we have the RIGHT BLEND for you. 

Stress-Free Environment Aromatherapy Blend

Lavender + Geranium Rose + Lemon Eucalyptus + Bergamot



Available In:
Diffuser Oil 
Size: 10ml 

Metro Jar Candle 
Our classic size is great bang for your buck 
Burning duration: 35-50 hours 

6 x Tea Light 

Burning Time : 4.5 hours / each

Shot Pot 
Size: 20g
Burning duration: 10-20 hours per wax pot (often more) 

Clam Shell 
Size: 85g 
Burning duration: 15-35 hours (per cube), 60-200 hours per pack 

Each candle / melts is made from a natural plant based soy wax that is GMO FREE and contains NO paraffin, NO unnatural additives. We're also using ECO wick, which is constructed from natural flat cotton threads interwoven with paper threads that produce a consistent flame and slight curl of ECO wicks work well with natural waxes and ensures an even burn. ECO wicks are lead and zinc free


Perfumed throughout, each candles is lovingly hand poured for a high quality and long lasting scent.

We LOVE how our candles / melts have the POWER to change the entire atmosphere of a room with their ADDICTIVE fragrances. Our candles / melts are an excellent buy as they are clean, easy & long-lasting. The enticing scent is guaranteed to have you coming back for seconds! 


Candle Care Tips : Trim your wick to 1/4" before each lighting. Allow the melted wax pool to reach the edges of the jar before extinguishing to prevent wax from building along the sides of the jar and tunnelling. We recommend burning for approximately 3 hours at a time, though no longer than 4 hours. Never leave a candle burning unattended or within reach of drafts, pets, or small children. Candle jar will be hot after burning, so allow wax to cool completely before handling

How to remove soy melts : Place some cotton balls in the wax, when turning off your burner, which will absorb the warm wax easily. Alternatively, place the burner dish in the freezer for about 10 minutes, then simply pop the melts out with your thumbs or lightly tap the burner on your counter. Do not leave it in the freezer too long or it may crack when you remove it.