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This Set Comes With everything your Mr Clean shaver Need:

Wooden Shaving Brush with Badger Hair

Loofah Soap of your choice (Weight : 125g) - Give your senses a burst of vigour and blow away the cobwebs of the night before with this blend of nourishing soap and natural loofah

Lip Balm of your choice (Weight : 5g) - With added natural Vitamin E and essential nutrients to help guard against chapping and cracked lips

Cedarwood Shaving Soap (Weight : 80g) - High quality shaving soap used with a shaving brush will produce a smooth, rich and moisturising lather that can't be beaten

Minty Wood Aftershave Balm (Weight : 100g) - Our calming and replenishing balm with a purely natural formula to calm shaving rash. It's quickly absorbed, hydrating and non-oily


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