Rose Quartz Facial Roller and Gua Sha Set


Give yourself a facial massage with our rose quartz and gua sha set: your skin will thank you for it! With a combination of long and short strokes using our gua sha tool, followed up with the facial roller, you can help stimulate your skin’s circulation and drain excess lymphatic fluid. The end result: well-oxygenated skin, a brighter complexion and a release of tension from around your jaw and other facial areas.

Initially used as a traditional Chinese treatment for heatstroke and seasonal diseases, researcher soon identified that gua sha massage provided significant benefits when used on face and neck areas. Apply a face serum or face oil  before use

Using Your Rose Quartz Gua Sha Set 

Enclosed in a velvet bag and kept within a white magnetic gift box, your rose quartz gua sha facial massage stone and roller set come complete with wiping cloths and an instruction manual for easy use. Follow the instructions on using your gua sha set to:

  • improve your skin health
  • encourage deep penetration of your skincare products
  • promote skin firmness and elasticity
  • reduce facial muscle tension
  • brighten your complexion

Your instruction manual will give in-depth details, but in general terms, you’ll ‘scrape’ your skin across your face and neck with the shaped rose quartz stone. This will hug your face’s contours and help to firm your skin. Follow up with the rose quartz roller, which helps reduce acne breakouts by assisting with lymphatic drainage and skincare product absorption.

Easy to care for, wipe with the enclosed cloth and store inside the velvet bag and storage /gift box. As your rose quartz gua sha set is made with naturally formed stone, it requires protection against accidental damage as although unlikely, it can chip, crack or break if mishandled.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Caryl F.M.
Rose Quartz

Loving my rose quartz and gua sha set! I cool it down in the fridge and use it on my face after my nighttime skincare routine to make sure all my serums and moisturiser is massaged into my skin. I’ve also noticed that my face is more shapely and defined! Not to mention how I nearly fall asleep massaging my face with the set. Super relaxing and worth it after a long day! Obsessed with it.

Tulei L.

Loved everything about the set

Carol Crowley

Loving these beauty tools, so easy, cooling, effective thank you🥰