Lush Bath Gift Set

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This Set Comes With everything from the scent of your choice :

Loofah Soap (Weight : 125g) - Give your senses a burst of vigour and blow away the cobwebs of the night before with this blend of nourishing soap and natural loofah

Cauldron Bath Bomb (Weight : 130g) - Formulated with gentle cleansing ingredients, our bath bomb will take care of your body and will ease your mind

Whipped Body Butter (Weight : 100g) - Pamper your foot as every step start with your feet. Fluffy, light and packed with Antioxidants and Vitamins

Body Wash + Body Scrub (Weight : 200g) - Treat yourself and your skin to the soft care of our foaming body wash plus body scrub, which produces a creamy lather with a fantastic level of foam

Shower Gel (Weight : 250ml) - Pamper your body with a luscious lather that will gently cleanse and soften your skin while leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated


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