Himalayan Salt Lamp Fire Bowl

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What is a Salt Lamp?

Himalayan salt lamps are decorative lights you can buy for your home. They are carved out of pink Himalayan salt and believed to have various health benefits. In fact, advocates of salt lamps claim they can clean the air in your home, soothe allergies, boost your mood and help you sleep

This Authentic Himalayan Salt Lamp comes with an electric cable, a bulb and a set of instructions.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits:

1. Salt Lamps Cleanse & Deodorize the Air

2. Reduce Allergy & Asthma Symptoms

3. Eases Coughing and increases energy level

4. Neutralize Electromagnetic Radiation

5. Improve Mood & Concentration 

6. Reduce Static Electricity in the Air

Size: 16cm Hx 16cm D

This unique lamp can bring warmth and calmness to your home.