Natural Geranium Hydrosol Toner

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Our natural geranium hydrosol toner will reach deep into your skin and disinfect your pores, remove dead cells and other impurities. Toning the face is an important step in skin care that is often ignored. Hydrosols can be used as natural facial toners that act as astringents to help close the skin pores, making a smooth finish for application of other skin care and makeup products.

Hydrosols are aromatic and versatile flower waters that are brimming with health and beauty benefits. 

Benefits of Geranium HydrosolGreat for all skin types + Anti Inflammatory + Balancing + Helps with acne, bruises, mild burns, cuts, eczema, hemorrhoids + Repels mosquitoes + May reduce cellulite deposits + Reputed to have an anti-aging effect on the skin + So many other benefits 

Ingredients : 100% Pure Geranium Hydrosol

Weight : 100ml

Direction to use : Squeeze some products into a cotton pad or cotton ball, use the cotton pad to gently wipe the product over your face and neck. Avoid the eye area.

Other uses of Hydrosol: Mixture liquid for masks, Skin Cleanser, Body Mist, Air Freshner, Hair Fragrance Spray, Freshen Linen, Beg Repellents, Aftershave

Feel Confident In Your Unique Inner & Outer Beauty