Electric USB Lighter


We have the solution to burnt fingers, used matches and lighters that run out of fluid – our Electric USB Lighter. Simply charge with any USB port and it will be ready when you are to light your scented candles.

Slender and stylish, your black lighter will come packaged in a beautiful black box in which it can be stored. With no flame or fluid to worry about, the inbuilt arc plasma technology creates a flameless igniting spark. This spark is unable to be blown out by any air movements, making it ideal for using both inside and outside.

Why Choose Our Electric USB Lighter? 

We’ve fallen in love with it and we know you will too. That’s because this black USB chargeable lighter offers you a safe and reliable way to light your scented candles because it is wind and rain resistant, has no flame, has a child safety lock and doesn’t need refilling with lighter fluid. Instead it is simply plugged in to any USB plug and charged. Most of all, you won’t burn your fingers anymore!

Order your Electric USB Lighter along with a few of your favourite Soy Candle today!

Customer Reviews

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Super cool stuff

I am scary to use matches and lighter... this elec production make me feel more safe and enjoyable for candles.

Tineke Buser

This item is a game changer. Not only have I saved tons on disposable lighters and matches, but also stopped unneeded rubbish from reaching the landfill. This product makes for an easy lighting experience, has a long lasting charge and the customer service was lovely. A handwritten note and other free goodies really solidified my opinion on this company. Will be buying again, especially that yummy free sample of wax melts ❤

brittany hall
Electric USB lighter

Love this !
Been looking for one of these for ages and good price too ☺️

Amber Tait

Great packaging, comes with charger and it’s a game changer as no more disposable lighters, you just charge it up!!!!


Great product and no more burning fingers especially lighting candles.