Aromatherapy Tea Lights

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Aromatherapy tea lights work by releasing an amazing natural scent which helps with healing and definitely to enhance emotional wellness.

Each tea light candles has an approximate burn time of 4.5 hours. Pack of 6 tea lights. Made of Natural Soy Wax and listed Essential Oils :

Breathe Easy – Frankincense + Lime + Peppermint Eucalyptus 
Body & Soul – Peppermint Eucalyptus + Geranium Rose
Balancing + Calming – Cedarwood + Geranium Rose
Calming – Bergamot + Lavender
Concentration + Focus – Lime + Rosemary + Spearmint
Harmony – Palma Rosa + Ylang Ylang + Sweet Orange + Lime
Inner Peace – Ylang Ylang + Eucalyptus + Lime
Meditation – Ylang Ylang + Frankincense + Sandalwood + Lavender + Cedarwood
Romance – Ylang Ylang + Palma Rosa + Patchouli
Stress-Free Environment – Lavender + Geranium Rose + Lemon Eucalyptus + Bergamot
Sleep Easy – Lavender + Frankincense + Cedarwood + Bergamot


The clear cups produce an impressively brilliant level of brightness and warmer light. Also, the temperature-resistant plas­tic has significantly lower heat dissipation – an essential safety fea­ture as aluminium cups can become extremely and dangerously hot. They are disposable and easy to clean up. These Tealights are great to use for any occasion.


Our Tea-Lights made from a natural plant-based wax that is GMO-FREE contains NO paraffin, NO unnatural additives. This candle does not contain any paraffin or petroleum products. Many candles today are paraffin based. Petroleum products in candles can cause a smokiness that can build up over time on ceilings. Paraffin is one of the last by products of petroleum extraction. Some of the soot given off by paraffin candles is the same as burning diesel fuel. So there are documented concerns about the health affects this may have.


Perfumed throughout, each product is lovingly hand-poured for a high quality and long-lasting scent.

We LOVE how our product has the POWER to change the entire atmosphere of a room with their ADDICTIVE fragrances. Our products are an excellent buy as they are clean, easy & long-lasting. The enticing scent is guaranteed to have you coming back for seconds!