12 Days of Christmas Gift Box

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On the first day of Christmas, you gave your true love (friend, wife, fiancée, yourself – we don’t mind), the ultimate present: our 12 Days of Christmas Gift Box! Containing 12 of our best selling products from the Skye Candle and Body Care Collection, this Christmas gift box is a sure-fire winner for everyone!

While we’re fine with your recipient discovering the 12 treasures within it over the 12 days of Christmas, they could choose to explore all 12 products on the very first day instead! Inside they (or you, if you treat yourself) will find:

  • Christmas Scented Travel Candle
  • Loofah Soaps
  • Mint Lip Balm
  • Eye Balm
  • Lip Scrub
  • Aloe Vera Mask
  • Kawakawa Balm
  • Natural Nail Cuticle Oil
  • Konjac Sponge
  • Aromatherapy Roll-On
  • Natural Deodorant 
  • Relaxing Crazy Bath Salts

But wait, there’s more! The scents and flavours of the products included in the 12 Days of Christmas Gift Box are carefully chosen by us – as a surprise for you or your recipient.

Why Give Our 12 Days of Christmas Gift Box?

Everyone deserves to be pampered. They also deserve to use the highest quality locally made skincare products and accessories. That’s where this gift basket simply fits into play perfectly. We have included 12 of our most popular skincare products and accessories for a reason: our customers love them, we love them and your recipient (and you) will love them too.

As a bonus Christmas gift, you’ll save at least $69.50 when purchasing this gift box set, compared with ordering each item individually. It’s a Merry Christmas to you, your recipient, and your wallet this year. Be sure to order right now and get all of your holiday shopping done here at Skye Candle and Body Care!

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12 days of Christmas box